If you only ever listen to one episode of our show, choose this one!  Back in Episode 26 we interviewed Rebecca Shingledecker, Crossfit Games Adaptive Athlete and true inspiration.  After experiencing multiple traumatic brain injuries, Rebecca's grit and determination got her to the Crossfit Games in 2021.  When we last spoke she was preparing to compete at the Wheel Wod Games in November 2021.  But life had other ideas.  As Rebecca herself describes it she felt like a "crap magnet".  It started with a shoulder injury, then tragically her beloved husband passed and then she found herself in surgery again but this time for a severely herniated disk.

While she may have every reason to give up or feel angry about what she has had to deal with, Rebecca has instead chosen to be grateful for every moment she had with her husband, to approach her return from injury with the same positive mental attitude and to share her experiences of dealing with grief through her website www.prolemonademaker.com

This lady is one of life's true inspirations and her before and after story is a testament to her incredible strength emotionally, physically and mentally.

Thank you for listening!

Are you motivated by the destination or the journey?  Either way there is a good chance that at some point you run out of steam and start to question why you bother getting up every day to train.  In this episode we discuss our different approaches to training and how we have pushed through the times of 'slump' to find the motivation again on the other side.  If you can relate to that sudden disconnect from a regular training routine then tune in to find out how we have navigated the times when motivation has waned and what has got us inspired again.

Happy listening!

March 30, 2022

Rules & Permissions

Are you even aware of the rules that you live by?  Maybe you tell yourself you can't eat after 7pm (looking at you Hannah) or you are not allowed to buy cheese (oh hello Rachel).  In this episode we investigate the rules that we have lived by and decipher which ones no longer serve us and why and which rules still serve us well and have morphed into permissions.  So grab a pen and paper and play along with us to discover those rules that exist in your life.  Ask yourself 'how's that working out for you?'.

Thanks for listening!

We finally got ourselves a male guest and what an awesome conversation we had.  On this episode we chat with Andre, a plastic surgeon based in Ontario and long time friend of Rachel's.  We discuss the world of plastic surgery, steps taken by surgeons to identify potential body dysmorphia prior to surgery and what it takes to maintain the results.  We also discuss the difference in ageing process between men and women and how society perceives and accepts things like gray hair and hair loss.  And if you haven't heard us say it before, we round out our chat with confirmation from Andre that lifting weights is essential to good health as we age (and no you won't suddenly get bulky!!).

Thanks for listening!

February 28, 2022

Burpees In Bloomers?!?!?

After reviewing diet trends and body shapes over the last century, we decided to take a look at workout clothing trends so we got back to our Google research.  From wool bloomers and sailor collars to leg warmers we got it covered.  We also shed light on how to test for squat proof leggings and allude to our experiences of wearing inappropriate colors during heavy lifting and double unders (you will understand when you listen!!).

Thanks for tuning in!

February 15, 2022

Mindset & Metrics

A much needed conversation sprinkled with some pretty awesome breakthroughs regarding tracking metrics and how that affects your life.  We discuss the effect the number on the scale has on an emotional level and how our current obsession with tracking bio metrics has lead so many of us to forget to pay attention to the fundamental practice of checking in with how you actually feel.

Why does a number matter anyway?  And how do you begin to change your mindset from needing to know every number associated with body composition, sleep, performance etc.

Happy listening!

January 30, 2022

Scars Tell a Story

We made it to Episode 30 which is allegedly the average number of episodes a podcast lasts for.  This technically means that after this episode we will have surpassed average and can start to bring you some epic content!! ;)

But seriously thanks for listening so far and we are excited to continue the conversation way beyond 30 episodes.

In this episode we chat about our scars, where they came from and the stories they tell.  We didn't plan to get into graphic detail but somehow we found our way there so trigger alert be prepared for some chat that is not for the faint hearted!!  Also should out to all those learning to box jump as we pay homage to all the shins that have been bitten by boxes!

Happy listening!

Well that was an unexpected break!  Between work, travel, holiday stuff and now Covid we have been a little distracted but thank you for being patient and we really appreciate all of the requests for more podcasts!  We are back!!  We decided to change up the schedule just a little and will now be releasing 2 episodes per month on the 15th and the 30th so put that in your calendars!

Episode 29 is packed with our thoughts on goal setting and what it takes to achieve those goals and a check in on that mythical willpower that we all hope shows up on January 1st.  We talk about the difference between outcome and behavior goals and what we are both prioritizing for 2022.

Thanks for listening and we are excited to be back!

We are back!  After a mini break we regroup to catch up on life and check in with all things health, wellness and fitness.  We take a deep dive into Hannah's experimental weight cut, the expected side effects and some that took her by surprise.  After 4 Weeks, 4 pounds of fat loss with no loss of lean mass and a final percentage body fat of 11.6%, Hannah comes to the ultimate realization that finally after so many years of being overly focused on aesthetic goals, she really values performance over aesthetics!  We then play around with creating a Destination Postcard for Rachel to help clarify her fitness goals for the future with some interesting results!

Happy listening!

October 30, 2021

Live from the tent!

We may be camping but that doesn't stop us from recording the podcast!  Coming at you live from the tent, we talk about weight cuts and the different experiences we are having between the healthy slow approach cut that Rachel is on and the physique show cut that Hannah is half way through.  We highlight the importance of having a plan to get into and out of any kind of extreme cut and how willing we are to make the kinds of 'trade off' necessary to live at lower body fat percentages.  Sprinkle in some references to genetics and epigenetic factors and voila you have episode 27.  Happy listening!

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